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Artisanal Ice Cream

Our ice cream are artisanally churned in small batches daily with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality for unparalleled taste and texture.

Single Origin Platter

Discover the different flavours and profiles of chocolates from different origins with theis tasting platter and see chocolate in a different light.

Signature Desserts

We have carefully composed chocolate, inspiring a rhapsody of creations and dessert platters that open your senses to discover the dark.

Premium Drinks

Our drinks do more than quenching your thirst. Each cup is handcrafted with the finest ingredients using both artisanal methods coupled with state of the art technology and importantly, a discerning taste for all things awesome.

Ice Cream Cakes

Our ice cream cakes are made entirely with The Dark Gallery’s artisanal ice cream and thoughtfully handcrafted by our dedicated team of dessert chefs. With the best quality assured, bring these decadent treats home today!

Chocolates and Pastries

Our chocolates, ranging from Single Origin Dark Chocolate Tablets to our Pralines and Bonbons, as well as our assorted pastries, are carefully hand-crafted with the finest chocolates from around the world and the freshest ingredients, for a decadent treat or a perfect pairing with our artisanal ice cream and premium drinks.