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Discover the Origins: Part 1

Discover the Origins Southeast Asia

Do you know that our neighbouring countries are home to where cacao is grown? Take a trip with us and explore our Single Origin Chocolates that truly reflect the tastes of cacao grown in Southeast Asia, from Bali, Solok, Pahang, Chiang Mai, and Davao.

Explore our newly revamped Single Origin Dark Chocolate Pastries Platter using chocolates grown in these 5 origins, or the new Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter, starting from the fruity 68% Bali, and finishing with the smooth 72% Davao. Can’t decide which platter to order? Get both with our Discovery Set, inclusive of these 2 platters, Sulawesi pourover coffee, our brand new Cold Brew Cacao Tea using husks and nibs harvested in Chiang Mai, as well as 2 Single Origin Chocolate Bars from Pahang. Perfect for sharing between 2 to 3 people, exclusive to our Takashimaya outlet.

If the Pastries Platter left you craving for more, go for the bigger and better Bali 68% Island Chocolate Tart with tropical fruits, or Solok 70% Macaron Parfait with chocolate praline crunch and a zephyr ganache. Grab our new Bali 68% Single Origin tablet to go.

Drop by The Dark Gallery at Millenia Walk #01-K5 or Takashimaya Shopping Centre B2-29 to have a look!

If you’re looking to enquire more about corporate orders, or are interested in our upcoming chocolate workshops, drop us an email here. We look forward to hearing from you!