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Discover the Origins: The Caribbean

Discover the Origins The Caribbean

In need of Vitamin Sea? Paddle out to The Dark Gallery and join us on a voyage to explore the chocolates of the Caribbean region.

Life’s a beach, have some ice cream! Our Single Origin Ice Cream Platter features a trio of 70% dark chocolate ice creams from the Caribbean with waves of varied tasting notes.

70% Costa Rica: Roasted Nuts and Coffee

70% Cuba: Red Berries and Wood

70% Dominican Republic: Floral Spices

All aboard our new Single Origin Pastries Platter, with a curated selection of pastries made using dark chocolates of the Caribbean region.

65% Grenada: Puff de Coco

70% Costa Rica: Salted Dark Chocolate Blondie

70% Cuba: Havana ‘Tart’

70% Dominican Republic: Cacao Pasión

If you’re looking to enquire more about corporate orders, or are interested in our upcoming chocolate workshops, drop us an email here. We look forward to hearing from you!